Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to Identify High Quality Unfinished Furniture

Selecting a high quality piece of unfinished furniture is key for owners who are looking to have that piece for a number of years. There are also certain things to look for and here are some ways you can identify high quality unfinished furniture.

Solid Wood

High quality unfinished furniture is made of authentic wood. That means it does not have particle board throughout and is not simply a bunch of plywood put together. Unfinished wood is the real article, so don’t let any other configurations fool you. Veneer may give off the look of real wood, although it is not actual sturdy lumber that is intended to be used in high grade unfinished furniture.

Price Point

If you see a piece of unfinished furniture advertised at an extremely low price, do a throughout investigation. Chances are, it is not real wood because such pieces demand a higher price tag. You really do get what you pay for with real wood furniture. The real article will last years upon years as long as it is not damaged. That is one of the reasons the asking price is always a little higher.

Assembly Not Required

Most high quality unfinished furniture comes already assembled. However, there are exceptions to that rule as some tables will need to have the legs fastened. Real wood headboards usually call for the need to drill holes before the headboard is attached to the frame. Also, some desks will need to be attached since many come with multiple sections.

Wood Drawers

Look at how the drawers were constructed and that is often a strong indicator of the quality. Check the bottoms of those drawers as high quality pieces will have real wood on the underside. Dovetail drawer joints are also a good indication of high quality while particle board in the drawers should throw up a huge red flag.


High quality wood furniture is heavier than other knockoff pieces. While other furniture pieces may look very similar, the weight tells the difference. Lighter pieces may include materials like particle board that will not withstand the test of time the same way a high quality piece of unfinished furniture will.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ways to Decorate Unfinished Furniture

One of the best parts about buying unfinished furniture is that you can finish it however you choose. That can include more than just simple stain or paint, but also your favored designs, stencils and colors. Here’s a look at three unique ways to decorate your unfinished furniture.

Image Transferring

Find an image you would like to put on your unfinished furniture. Before printing out that image, get your stock paper and add some glue to it. Let it dry on the area where the image will be printed and then print the image on the side of the paper with the dried glue. Next, get some Mod Podge or other water-based sealer and brush a layer onto the wood. Then, place your image face down on the wood and let it sit overnight. The next day, spray the paper with water and gently peel it off. Your image will be right there in front of you on the wood. This process is best on a smaller scale but the internet is full of similar techniques specifically for large surface coverage.


First, sand down the wood before applying a base coat. Once that is done, make sure to select the appropriate brush, also known as a stencil brush. This kind of brush has firm, shorter bristles. Make sure the wood surface is free from any dirt and when taping down a stencil, make sure your base coat has already set. It is also important not to let your paint drip or even sag a little bit. Allow the paint to completely dry before removing your stencil. Take your time and before moving onto the next stencil and always be sure that the previous one is dry. Keep this technique in mind when jazzing up your pantry or wood bar stools.

Add Color with Dye

Unfinished wood furniture can be dyed with liquid watercolors or a dye that is used on fabric. Drop a small amount of the dye into a container as that will be easier to work with than dipping a brush right into the jar. Use a foam paint brush and dip it in very lightly. Paint with the grain and when individual sections are finished, dry them with a rag. Once that is done, apply a finish to the wood as that will seal in the colors.

When it comes time to purchase your next piece of unfinished furniture, make sure to visit one of the nation’s top distributors. Highland Woodcraft NC has a large store as well as a vast online showroom. Check out the best unfinished furniture Hickory, NC has to offer with a visit to Highland Woodcraft.  


Friday, December 23, 2016

How to Stain Unfinished Furniture

bar stool wood furniture

Staining is an important part of finishing a piece of unfinished furniture. After the wood has been prepped, there are steps to follow when it comes time to apply a stain.

Stains are used to improve the grain of the wood by a significant amount. From an aesthetic point of view, it really makes the wood pop and provides it with its own kind of character. Stains also provide many options as you can use one particular color, or mix a few to create one unique hue.

Oil-based stains are more commonly used on vertical surfaces, such as the doors on real wood entertainment pieces. Water based stains are ever more popular and dry rather quickly.

Once you have prepped your wood for the staining process, make sure all the dust is removed from the piece of furniture. Air is the best way to remove it. If you do not have an air gun, simply blow the dust off and wipe down the surface.

When you start staining, it is a good idea to start off with a small paintbrush and take care of all the smaller areas that might have grooves, ridges, crevices or angles. After the stain has been applied to those areas, use a rag to wipe them all down. Then it is time to dip your rag into the stain and start applying it to the rest of the wood.

wood stain on unfinished wood
wood stain color samples
Polyester rags work best as you generally want to avoid using a type of rag that will leave a bunch of lint on the wood. Also, make sure you apply the stain with the grain and rub it in thoroughly. What you are doing is essentially working the stain into the wood. Items like bar stools and kitchen furniture can have tight joints perfect for a rag. Even if you decide to use a brush or foam applicator still keep a rag handy. It will come in handy for wiping away excess stain, drips, and spills.

You can also take your time with this part of the process as there is no rush. Once you have applied the stain all over the piece of furniture, make sure there is once again no dust. This can be done like it was before with the use of air. You can also use a dry paintbrush to get into the crevices to make sure there is no dust lying around. Once everything has dried and there is no dust, you are ready to apply a coat of polyurethane.

Make sure to read the directions provided by the manufacturer of the stain you decide to use as they may vary from other similar products and the advice above. Even if wait times vary, you still want to make sure the furniture piece is 1) Sanded but, not too smooth 2) clean and dust free 3) Stained by applying with the grain 4) Sealed to protect it. These are the essentials for stain unfinished wood of any type.

Before you stain your next piece of unfinished furniture, be sure to get a great deal. There are affordable prices available every day at Highland Woodcraft NC. Wood furniture of all kinds can be yours as the selection is abundant at Highland Woodcraft. In case you are not bent on a staining project, they also offer a wonderful variety of finished options. There is no other place you have to go for the furniture you need.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How to Give New Wood an Antiquated Look

Before & After: distressed stain finish on wood
Unfinished furniture does not always have to be painted or stained to look as though it were brand new. There are ways to provide new furniture with an old, antique look. Here are some ways to turn new real wood furniture into a piece that has the look of an antique.

This process is frequently referred to as distressing. Distressed wood is just another way to describe real wood that has been weathered or aged.

Start out by actually beating up your piece of furniture. You can take a hammer, chain or anything that can pack a wallop. For smaller digs, a sandwich bag with several screws in it should do the trick. Then, hit the areas where you would like to see a distressed look. Don’t go too overboard, you don’t want the furniture looking like it has been smashed.

Many people even add some scratches. This can be done with a hammer, nails or screwdriver. You can also use steel wool on various parts of the furniture. Rub it on various parts as there is no right or wrong pattern. The randomness is what will give the furniture character.

Also, remember to attend to the corners. Any piece of old furniture is not going to have perfect corners. This is where you can use the steel wool or sandpaper to smooth over the corners.

The next step is to decide on what type of color you want on your piece of furniture. There are a lot of different colors of stains that serve as a base coat. Some people concoct their own formulas which can consist of tea, coffee and vinegar. Once you have decided on that color, apply it to the piece of furniture. It is also important to remember to stain with the grain.

Did you have something more colorful in mind? There are many great DIY distressed paint finishes for wood furniture too. Check out our DIY boards on Pinterest,, for the great ideas.

The final stage comes with sealing the wood. Let it dry and make sure you have done all the distressing you would like to do. Once the seal is applied, your work is done, leaving you with a brand new piece of furniture that looks like it has been around for years. It is also important to remember that ploys and waxes have a tendency to darken the finish.

If you are looking to turn new wood into an older look, check out the largest selection of real unfinished furniture Hickory NC has to offer. Highland Woodcraft’s furniture stock includes everything you need to create your very own antiqued look. Pick out your favorite rocking chair, dining room set, or storage solution and start your project today.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Benefits of Buying Unfinished Furniture

unfinished real wood dresser bedroom furniture
Dresser from the Bay Harbor collection
A common question asked when buying unfinished furniture is why should you make such a purchase? The answer is simple. There are a long line of benefits that come with buying unfinished furniture and here is a look at some of them.


There is a unique quality that comes with buying a piece of unfinished furniture. Chances are you will not walk into someone else’s home and see the exact same piece. Since everyone’s finishing style is different, your furniture will truly be a one-of-a-kind item. There is also a personalization in this option. Plenty of DIY projects can be found online to guide you toward the look you desire. Since you are the one doing the finishing, you can take great pride in your furniture.


The price of an unfinished piece of furniture is far cheaper than what you would pay for a piece that is already finished. It is typical for big box and outlet stores to sell lesser quality furniture, made of cheap materials, for more than the cost of high-quality unfinished wood furniture. Some people go with the option of buying an old piece of furniture and having to refurbish it. A timely processes to do yourself. In most cases, they wind up spending a lot more money as it can be quite costly to have pieces refinished for you. By opting for an unfinished piece of furniture, you get a quality item while keeping more money in your pocket.

No Imperfections

Unfinished wood furniture has nothing to hide. There are no attempts to cover up any dings or imperfections. The furniture is in its natural state, ready to be crafted according to your taste. Finished furniture is susceptible to damage as there is no guarantee you will be buying a piece in mint condition. Buying furniture in its formative stage does not bring the worry of product defects.

Long Life

Purchasing solid wood furniture that is unfinished is going to provide you with years of use. It is intended to be kept for long periods of time and even passed down through generations. That is because it is extremely durable and shock resistant. And when there is a nick or a scratch, touching up that blemish can be done rather easily.

painted unfinished wood furniture rocking chair
Customer painted wood rocker.

A Project for Anyone

The great thing about buying an unfinished table, chest or rocking chair is that it doesn’t take an accomplished artist to carry out the finishing stage. It is actually something entire families can do together. We have seen children of all ages enjoy projects like painting and personalizing their own rocking chairs or their seat at the dining table. Maybe a gift for grandma is in order? Seal a loving memory into the arms of her custom made wood rocking chair. A poem and her grandchild's hand prints are an idea of things you can clear seal over stain.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to what you can be with unfinished furniture. A quick glimpse through an interior design magazine or our other blogs may be all you need to get going on what can be a very fun project.

For the best unfinished furniture North Carolina has to offer, Highland Woodcraft has everything you need. As an industry leader in unfinished furniture there is no better place to start your search for that perfect piece. A company with over 40 years experience and unwavering high-quality standards, Highland Woodcraft is the most trusted furniture dealer. Plus they offer nationwide delivery.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Things to Know About Real Wood in Unfinished Furniture

Buying and working with unfinished furniture may be a bit of a new concept to some people. There is always some work to do after making a purchase, but this type of furniture can add a tremendous amount of charm to any home. Here are some important things to know about the wood used in unfinished furniture.

Unfinished wood bookcase, real wood bookcase, solid wood furniture
Arthur W. Brown bookcase

What is Real Wood?

Quality unfinished furniture is made of real wood. Some pieces of furniture are also considered solid wood but, what exactly does that mean? Solid woods means that every part of the furniture that is exposed is made of lumber that is either hardwood or softwood. Solid wood is most commonly used in bedroom, dining and, occasionally, accent furniture. Good quality pieces like wood bookcases and other storage solutions found at Highland Woodcraft are of real wood construction. Meaning it was made using solid wood trim with cabinet grade plywood, real wood plied together, and veneers for sides and shelving. That makes for a more solid item as there is little chance of warping. Unlike lesser quality wood furniture that is usually made of chip board or MDF, medium-density fiberboard, real wood means that the product is durable and is going to last much longer.

Basic Types of Wood

For starters, softwood does not mean that the wood is actually soft. Pine and spruce are a couple of examples of softwood, which comes from conifer trees. Hardwood comes from trees that are deciduous, such as oak and maple. Oak remains one of the more popular types of wood used in unfinished furniture and comes in two varieties, red oak and white oak. There is also an important difference to note between wood materials such as solid lumber, plywood, particle board, and MDF.
MDF is generally cheaper in cost but has many disadvantages. This product it made of very fine wood dust that is pressed together. It cannot be stained because it is without wood grain and far too absorbent. Another downside is its poor ability to hold screws.
Plywood is multiple sheets of wood plied, or binded, together to made one solid piece, much stronger in comparison to MDF and particle board. It does come in different grades but, quality wood furniture will typically use cabinet grade plywood for its strength.
Particle board, or chip board, is similar to MDF. It is an engineered wood product composing of not only the finest sawdust but also wood chips and sawmill shavings, mixed and pressed with a binding agent.

real wood furniture, unfinished wood furiture

Real Wood Needs Protection

The process of finishing a piece of furniture comes with the application of a stain or paint. It usually takes a couple of coats, but it does not end there. Finish off your furniture with a clear protective finish. This will serve the purpose of protecting your Hickory NC real wood furniture against stains, normal wear and tear, as well as household chemicals. Also, remember that every side of real wood needs to be sealed. And don’t use unfinished furniture as it is when you buy it. Follow our upcoming blogs for tips on finishes.

Go With the Grain in Real Wood

When the time comes to stain your unfinished furniture, it is much more productive if you go with the grain. That means your brush strokes should go back and forth with the grain and not up and down against it. It’s also recommended to be generous with the amount of stain you apply. It is important to note that stains will sometimes bleed or drip onto the back of the wood. Be sure to carefully check the back while staining and correct as quickly as possible. Usually stain only sits on the wood a few minutes before the excess is to be wiped away and the piece left to dry completely before applying another coat. Going with the grain is the rule of thumb for painting wood as well as staining and sealing. Always read and follow the instructions provided for any product you plan to use for your DIY wood furniture finishing project.

Real wood is at its finest in the wide selection of unfinished furniture available at Highland Woodcraft. Check out our vast line of wood furniture as our showroom features the best unfinished furniture North Carolina has to offer.


Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Decide What Color Stain to Use on Unfinished Furniture

There are lots of options to choose from when selecting a stain for your unfinished furniture from Hickory NC. The first thing to consider is whether or not you want to match the color with another furniture item in your home. You may even choose to match the stain to the woodwork in your home. There is also the option of going a different route and contrasting your existing furniture with a new color stain.

Color samples are available at local paint and hardware stores as well as online. Check out those samples and get an idea of what color you would like. But remember that wood is a natural material, equipped with its own color. That is important to remember because the wood’s natural color will have an impact on the finished product.

Stains take differently to different types of wood, such as pine and oak. Each piece of wood has its own unique grain and color. They also differ in the way they absorb the stain. That is why it is important to start staining a piece of the real wood furniture in Hickory NC on a part that will not be visible. Use a small portion on the back or bottom of the item and allow for a kind of trial run. This will ensure you have the exact color you want.

Pre-stain conditioners help with the absorption as the stain will take more evenly over one of these conditioners. And the longer a stain remains on the wood, the darker it will be. However, if you leave it on too long, it will likely become very sticky. That will create problems when applying a clear finish which will not take. Instead, it is best to apply the stain in layers allowing some drying in-between each coat.

First, wipe off the excess stain that is not absorbed by the wood and be sure to do that going with the grain. When the stain dries, you have the option of going darker by applying an additional coat. There is also the option of adding a lighter stain to slightly lighten the color or darken it by adding a darker color stain. That being said, you can create your own color by combining a few different varieties of stain.
Highland Woodcraft can get you started on your way to creating your own unique furniture item. With unfinished wood furniture that includes all varieties, Highland Woodcraft offers the best unfinished furniture Hickory, NC has to offer. Online customers can also take advantage of these excellent prices and quality items at

Monday, May 9, 2016

Why Choosing Wax Over Oil Can Benefit Your Wood Furniture

The process of finishing your own piece of wood furniture is an exciting one as you are able to give the piece its own kind of character. Taking an unfinished Hickory furniture item and finishing it as your own also creates a wonderful conversation piece for years to come. And to ensure that furniture lasts, it is essential to treat it accordingly.

The use of wax on your wood furniture is more time consuming than a quick rubdown with some oil polish. However, the advantages of using wax are much longer lasting.

Less dust will accumulate after waxing as you will need to dust much less often than if you had used oil. And if that dust starts to combine with the oil, the furniture will be more prone to scratches while also making cleaning more difficult.

Still, oil remains a popular choice, according to Highland Woodcraft furniture, because it enhances the finish, but not the actual wood. Keep in mind that finishes have a tendency to lose a lot of moisture which could cause cracking. Nevertheless, this moisture problem is not an immediate one, but rather one that takes a good deal of time to develop.

The more immediate advantages of using wax is that it better protects the actual wood. And when it comes to different kinds of wax, using paste wax is more efficient than using a liquid wax.

Some of the best waxes are harder in texture and that is a sign that they will provide better protection. Waxing should be done using tight circular strokes in which a good deal of pressure is applied. It should not be as easy as simply running an oil-filled rag over your furniture. Once you are finished waxing, you should definitely feel it in your arm muscles.

That wax should then last quite a while, some up to as many as a couple of years. The use of oil instead of wax will also cause your furniture to become darker over time. This happens because small dirt particles actually become lodged in the wood finish and there is no way to remove them.

Unfinished furniture of all types are available at Highland Woodcraft as wood kitchen solutions, wood pantries and more are always in stock at very competitive process. For the very best unfinished furniture North Carolina has to offer, check out the vast selection offered at Highland Woodcraft.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tips on Staining Unfinished Furniture

After purchasing a piece of unfinished furniture, the next step is usually to stain it. However, there is a bit of an art to the staining process and here are some helpful hints from on how to get it done just right. 

Avoid Blotches 

It is often recommended to apply a wood conditioner before doing any staining. Layer a thin coat with a brush that is not very costly. After allowing fifteen minutes to dry, go ahead and start applying the stain as this will help to avoid any blotches.

Oil Based Stains

Oil based stains contain a mix of ingredients so there is a need to shake or stir it thoroughly before opening and applying. In order to get the complete color, make sure the can is mixed thoroughly. Also, be careful of the fumes in oil based stains and make sure your work area has plenty of adequate ventilation. 

Water-Based Stains

There are no fumes with this option and they are often available in a greater variety of colors. The application process is the same, although there is no need to shake thoroughly before opening. 

Show the Grain

One of the most charming features of unfinished real wood furniture is its grain. Ridding the wood of all excess stain will really make the grain pop. You can do this by wiping off any excess remnants of the stain from your furniture. 

Mix and Match

You can make your very own color by mixing two stains, just as long as they are of the same base and made by the same company. However, oil based stains and water based stains should never be mixed. It is also a good idea to take gauge how much of each stain you used in the mixture in the event that you might need more. Also, remember that a water based stain can be used overtop an oil based stain just as long as you have waited at least a full day for it to dry. 

Keep Your Cans

The good thing about stains is you can seal them back up and store them in a garage in case they ever need to be used again. This helps with touch up or in the event that you buy another piece of unfinished furniture and intend on matching it. 

The best in unfinished furniture can now be purchased at Highland Woodcraft either in person or online. Whether you are looking for a rocking chair, wood entertainment pieces or any other kind of future finished wood furniture, Highland Woodcraft has something for you. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Proper Way to Paint Unfinished Furniture

Buying unfinished furniture presents the opportunity to customize each piece however you choose. One option is to paint the item instead of applying a wood finish. Here is a look at how to go about completing the painting process on your piece of unfinished real wood furniture.

The first part of the process is to decide whether or not you need to do a little sanding, which is quite common. If there are knots, sanding usually remains a popular choice. It is also a way to remove any bumps from the surface. It only takes a few minutes and can be done by using a sanding sponge. Also, remember to use short strokes when sanding your unfinished furniture.

Check the smoothness by running your hand up and down the piece of furniture. Once you have finished sanding, it is very important to dust off the furniture. This actually removes dust particles which could make for an uneven surface when the process is complete. You can use a brush, vacuum or dry rag to remove those particles.

Next up is the priming stage. If you are worried about leaving brush strokes, use a spray can and apply it evenly. You can also use a paint brush or sponge brush. It is also very important to allow the primer sufficient time to dry. Applying a coat of paint to wet primer will cause it to peel off and force you to repeat the entire process all over again.

Now it is time to finally start painting. For larger flat surfaces, you can use a roller to avoid any blotches or brush strokes. A sponge brush is recommended for the more detailed parts of the furniture because it applies the paint smoothly and avoids leaving any bumps.

You can also use spray can, but remember to use even pressure with each spray. Completely cover the furniture with the paint and let it dry completely before putting on a coat. Use your best judgment to determine exactly how many coats you should apply. There is nothing wrong with adding more layers, so long as you paint it evenly and avoid leaving any brush strokes.

When it comes time to buy your next piece of unfinished furniture, be sure to check out for great selection and affordable prices. For the best in wood kitchen solutions and more, visit the best place for unfinished furniture Hickory NC has to offer.

Monday, January 4, 2016

How to Repair Dents in Wood Furniture

So you went out and bought a piece of real wood Hickory furniture. Then, you put the final touches on a beautiful piece of furniture only to see the wood get damaged. There is no need to fret. Those dents can be removed with a little intuitiveness. Here is an easy way to restore your wood furniture with a new, healthy look.

For this task, you will need a household iron, a wet rag and some 100-grit sandpaper. The first step is to generously wet a rag with water and spread it out over the piece of wood that has been damaged. Next, turn your iron on and switch it to the hottest setting.

When your iron is fully heated, start running it back and forth over the rag. Do it slowly for anywhere from a half minute to a full minute. Then, lift up the rag and simply marvel at the results. What may look like magic is actually science.

By running the iron back and forth in this process you allow the heat to push the water from the rag out into the wood. The wood contains tiny fibers which will expend and return the wood to its original state.

Once that part of the process is completed, take the sandpaper and begin lightly sanding the wood. After doing this, the previous dent will be all but imperceptible.

Some people will changes things up a bit and use the water and dry rag separately. They will wet the damaged area of the wood and then cover it with a dry rag before ironing on the highest setting. It is a slight deviation, but generally produces the same results.

This is a technique that can be applied to many types of finished or unfinished wood pieces. And in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is usually a need to fix some unforeseen issues, such as dents in your furniture. This is also a technique that works on older dents as they do not have to be freshly made in your wood furniture.

Highland Woodcraft has long since been a leading distributor of unfinished wood furniture. No matter what kind of wood furniture you are looking for, Highland Woodcraft has an item for you. Located in Hickory NC Highland Woodcraft continues to bring its top quality products to customers all over the country.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Proper Ways to Treat Unfinished Furniture

There is quite a bit to know when it comes to treating raw wood furniture as there is a process involved with changing it into a piece that is truly your own. Here is a look at the proper ways to treat unfinished furniture.

Designate Two Areas

There should be a work area designated for the preparation part of the process and one for the finishing part of the process. Don’t attempt both of those stages in the same work area. The reason for this is that the sanding part of the preparation process will kick up a lot of dust. That dust should be nowhere in sight when it comes time for the finishing stage.

Check the Knots

Many pieces of unfinished wood have knots in them, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Knots that are black in color indicate a subpar piece of wood. That black color is evidence that the tree was harvested when it was already dead. Brown knots are not considered as problematic unless they are inundated with cracks. Good knots provide furniture with unique character while bad knots should be secured with a powerful glue.

Allow Coats Time to Dry

Treating your real wooden furniture with various coats is all part of the process. There are the choices of using wood conditioner, satin, varnish, paint and sealants, or all of the above. No matter what coats you decide to use, it is important to let each one completely dry before applying another. A failure to do some will likely cause some wrinkles. And when spraying a polyurethane, make sure the can is always moving to ensure an evenness throughout the wood.

Put in Extra Time With Outdoor Furniture

When your wood furniture stays indoors, there is not as much of a priority on upkeep. However, furniture that is intended for outdoor use comes with a little more maintenance. That includes making sure every inch is properly sealed. An annual recoating with your finish is also highly recommended beings as though the outdoor elements can take a harsh toll on wood. It’s also a good idea to use furniture glides so that your outdoor piece does not have to sit in puddles after a heavy rain.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thanksgiving Dinner Sale!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and now is your opportunity to impress friends and family with a beautiful, new wood dining room set or kitchen solution.

Right now, receive 30% OFF when purchasing 3 or more pieces of dining or kitchen furniture.
This deal includes finished or unfinished wood tables, chairs, stools, pantries, kitchen islands and more.

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Some Creative DIY Options for Unfinished Wood Furniture: 
  • Colored Stains (go beyond brown and red tones)
  • Paints
  • Patterns (paint or stain)
  • Image Transfers
  • Distressing
  • Crackled Paint
These DIY projects can be as simple as a stain and seal or as complex as covering that new table with your favorite poems or family photos.

There are tons of customization options available when it comes to unfinished wood furniture. Being your home for unfinished wood furniture, Highland Woodcraft is dedicated to high quality products and customer service. Whether you are going for a traditional look or thinking outside the box for your home decor, Highland Woodcraft is here for you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Highland Woodcraft of Hickory NC Debuts Unfinished Furniture Website; Introducing

Highland Woodcraft has been in business for more than forty years as one of the most respected retailers of unfinished furniture. Now, all of what Highland Woodcraft offers in real wood furniture can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Visit for a chance to see the abundance of products that represent the finest quality of unfinished real wood furniture.
Highland Woodcraft of Hickory NC Debuts Unfinished Furniture Website; Introducing
Hickory, NC, May 13, 2015 -- Highland Woodcraft is located in Hickory, N.C. among the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is there where customers can come see a showroom filled with authentic wood products. With the new website, customers all over the globe can now have a similar experience. From their website, customers can have direct links to the manufacturers that Highland Woodcraft represents and have access to full catalogs from each manufacturer.

All items are available for nationwide delivery while local residents have the option of stopping by and picking up items themselves. Nationwide delivery service is available to the lower 48 states.

Unfinished furniture is a specialty at Highland Woodcraft, although finished furniture is also available. Additionally, there is a finishing service provided to Highland Woodcraft customers.

Having always been a family owned and operated business, there is a great amount of pride that goes into every aspect of the day-to-day operations at Highland Woodcraft.

“We opened in 1975 as a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of real wood furniture. A lot has changed in the furniture industry in the last forty years. Most of our furniture is still made here in the United States, using the same methods and traditions that have been used for generations.”

Tradition and quality have now merged with innovation in Highland Woodcraft’s brand new website. Highland Woodcraft offers many styles of dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, rocking chairs, entertainment and home office pieces, home accent pieces, bookcases, bar stools, pantries and kitchen solutions.

Highland Woodcraft has withstood the test of time, passing down quality and integrity from one generation to the next. Shopping for either a conversational or heirloom piece of furniture is now as simple as visiting The products truly speak for themselves.

Price quotes are available along with friendly customer assistance. The team at Highland Woodcraft is never too busy to lend a helping hand to its customers. There is a reason Highland Woodcraft has experienced over 40 years of successful business and that comes with a special attention to detail in every aspect.

The online experience of shopping for unfinished real wood furniture has never been as convenient, exciting and affordable as it is now with Highland Woodcraft. Visit once, visit twice and let the quality of Highland Woodcraft’s products keep you clicking back for more.